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What to Wear for Your Engagement Session

If you have an engagement session coming up, chances are you’ve already been racking your brain trying to think of the perfect outfit. Before you spend hours digging through your closet or online shopping, here are some tips so that you truly love your photos when you see them! At the end of the day, remember that your session is all about the love you have for each other. The outfits are secondary. But if you want the best look for your shoot, read on!

Engagement Photo Outfits, Fowler Studios_0006

Coordinate, but don’t match

Some of our favorite engagement photos are when you can see that the couple made an effort to coordinate, but not match. They’re not wearing the exact same colors, but their outfits work together. If the bride is wearing a beautiful floral dress, her groom can try to coordinate with a shirt that pulls out one of the flower colors or fun shoes that bring it together. Make sure you try on your outfits ahead of time so you’re not stressing the day of. You’ll never go wrong with a classic watch as an accessory. But if your watch has been damaged, you can have it repaired at a watch service shop before your photoshoot.

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Remember the location and season

If your engagement photo session is in the fall, you can lean into that and wear an adorable plaid shirt with a full tulle skirt! Wrap yourselves in warm scarves for a winter session or wear a bohemian dress for your summer photos. Also keep in mind the venue- if your photo session is going to be outside in a park, will wearing high heeled shoes be hard for you to walk in? Try to think about all of these details when planning so you aren’t surprised on the day of the session!

Engagement Photo Outfits, Fowler Studios_0004 Engagement Photo Outfits, Fowler Studios_0005

Personal style

If you’re not normally a dress and heels person, don’t let your engagement photos be the time to start wearing those items. If you feel most comfortable in jeans and Converse sneakers- then wear that! You want to be comfortable and feel like yourself.

Engagement Photo Outfits, Fowler Studios_0003

Outfit change

Who’s to say you must choose just one outfit? While we don’t recommend bringing five different outfits, a change halfway through your session is a great idea if you want more than one look. Some couples like to incorporate their college or favorite sports team which may be still be listed on betting sites like 카지노 커뮤니티. A great way to do this is by bringing a change of clothes and wearing your themed look for some of the photos. That way you have a little of both!

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See a trend? Plan ahead! Take a little time to think about your look will save you a headache down the road and help you feel relaxed on the day of your session. This should be fun! We want your experience to be the jumping off point for all your wedding planning- a fun celebration of what’s to come.