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Mike + Leslie | Hampton Engagement Session

A quick engagement session in her parents backyard before their engagement party was perfect for Mike + Leslie!  I love that I got to meet their families before the wedding day– they are such a fun crowd, and the wedding is going to be awesome!

Because this was in Leslie’s parents backyard, I had no idea what it looked like beforehand.  As soon as I arrived, I spent a few minutes scoping out solid locations and angles- and I found 6 just in their backyard!    I love things like this because they challenge me as a photographer.  There are often situations, especially on wedding days, where I’ve never been to the location before, or a car is parked where I might have taken pictures, or any number of random reasons why I need to find a new location.  I love thinking quickly and figuring out where the lighting is best, with a great background, and where it’s possible for the bride to stand in heels!

Also, I’m in love with Leslie’s mint dress!  It’s another fabulous find from Rent the Runway.

Mike + Leslie, I can’t wait for your wedding day!

Bonus of being at the engagement party?  Meeting family members!  And of course, I’m always ready for a photo op.  🙂