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Family Adventure Road Trip!

We’re a little over halfway through our three week summer road trip through the southeast!   There are four destinations on our trip: Middleburg and Tampa Florida, Canton Georgia, and Waynesville North Carolina.  We have family in each town and have enjoyed just being around family!  If you haven’t been following along on instagram, you have to watch our daily instastories! 

We knew that in order to take that much time off work, we had to do three things: Plan ahead so we didn’t work the whole time, stay with family and shop at the grocery store to save money, and schedule photo sessions along the way for income.

We’re halfway through and it’s been amazing so far!  Our car is good on gas, we’ve mostly shopped at the grocery store and made our own food, but we’ve also eaten out fast food several times.  We’ve focused on spending time with family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We also celebrated both Zane and Josh’s birthday, and before we head home, we’ll also celebrate Zane’s esophagus’ birthday!  Overkill?  Sure, but I think his esophagus is worth celebrating, since it’s only one year old!

Overall, it’s been a great trip and we’re loving every second!