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Emily + Luke | Backyard Williamsburg Wedding

When you were a child, do you ever remember playing outside at your home or a family members home, and thinking how awesome it would be to have a party in the back yard? What about a concert, or a variety show? When I was growing up, I spent SO much time outside thinking about those things. I spent just about every waking moment possible at my grandparents house. They had this HUGE backyard, and we would do everything back there. Play baseball, kickball, put on shows, camp out… You name it! Anything cool that could happen we would try to do it out there in the yard. And I as I grew older, I constantly would think about how much that place meant to me, and how neat it would be to have a large gathering there.
Over the years, there were MANY gatherings that happened in that back yard. Family reunions, church events, and even a vow renewal! It was so cool when we had an opportunity to see that space used for something so amazing.
Now, I know it’s nearly impossible in just two paragraphs to explain how sentimental I can be with that type of stuff, but it’s true. I’m a sucker for nostalgia. Can you imagine how excited I was when a client booked us for a wedding and told us it would be in her grandfather’s backyard? I was over the top excited and filled with anticipation to know I would have the opportunity to document something so meaningful to a couple.
As it turns out, many weddings had already happened at this home! From the time our crew arrived on site, we were obsessed with this place. It has been transformed into this beautiful backdrop for a perfect fall wedding. Seriously, there isn’t one thing that could have made it more beautiful. It was perfect! Inside the home where the bride got ready was just as neat and amazing as the outside. “If only these walls could talk!” is the phrase I kept uttering over and over in my mind. Classic decor met mid-fall golden light, and the result was nothing short of complete magic.
Luke and Emily were such an amazing couple to get to know, and their affection for each other was plain to see throughout the day. All they wanted was a fun celebration with friends and family, and they got what they wanted! Their amazing ceremony later culminated to a party to rival all parties! Complete with a manhattan bar, cigar bar, bon fire, delicious food, and amazing band, there wasn’t anyone not having a blast at the reception!
Our film of Luke and Emily’s wedding really captures the essence of all this fun, love, and nostalgia. We hope you enjoy it, and if you do, make sure to share it with your friends!