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Steph + Phil | Historic Post Office Wedding

It’s hard to separate weddings from the rest of the world sometimes. I do love that weddings are kind of a fairy tale day where you leave everything behind… but for some couples that just isn’t possible (hurricane season anyone?). Amidst this wild and wonderful time, we’re all embracing the change while craving normalcy. Stephanie + Phil’s wedding day was right on the cusp of everything shutting down. We walked into the wedding without restrictions, and before her makeup and hair were finished, we’d been told no gatherings of more than 100 people… then 50 people.

For a wedding, that’s pretty devastating, but I’m thanking my lucky stars that Steph + Phil had planned a small, intimate ceremony. Even with vendors included, the count was less than 50 people.

But these two weren’t going to let anything phase them. They were there to be married and enjoy every minute with their friends and family! And they did… and even scored some toilet paper and Coronas for a photo that they will undoubtedly have a great laugh explaining to their grandchildren one day.

When it comes down to it, I’m reminded once again how great an honor it is to photograph weddings. This is history. Not just because of the Coronavirus, but every single wedding day is a piece of family history for these couples!

Venue: The Historic Post Office | Hair: Stephanie Michelle Hair | Makeup: Lo and Co Makeup | Catering: Mission BBQ | DJ: Astro Entertainment | Flowers: Jeff’s Flowers | Photography: Fowler Studios