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Pa Kou + Mitch | Historic Post Office Wedding

When couples say “You do your thing- I trust you!” it’s music to my ears. Pa Kou + Mitch cared about spending time with their friends and family, and enjoying their wedding— and that’s exactly what they did! The results? Relaxed and fun photos of the whole day!


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Meredith + Kyle | Historic Post Office Wedding

Hampton’s best spot for a wedding is definitely The Historic Post Office! The entire ceremony and reception can be indoors without feeling stuffy or closed in. Meredith + Kyle went with their Intimate Wedding Experience package which drastically cuts down on decision making while keeping all the fun parts of planning a wedding!

Birds and groom from shoulders up, facing each other with the veil partially covering the image


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Extended Family Photos at Fort Monroe

I grew up in a big family. Four siblings, four first cousins who lived close, and everyone piling into one house every Christmas Eve. It was mass chaos, and has honestly been one of the best things for learning how to work with large family groups. People often come to be a bit frazzled in […]

Extended Family, Family

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Lindsey + Tim | Maternity Session at Fort Monroe

As photographers, we are always honored to be a part of such special moments like Lindsey and Tim’s pregnancy announcement. It was a beautiful day filled with love and happiness, and we were thrilled to capture it all on camera as they share their excitement with the world! Fort Monroe provided the perfect backdrop for […]

Family, Maternity

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Kenzie + Christian | Norfolk Botanical Garden Engagement Session

Springtime at Norfolk Botanical Garden is a truly magical experience. The gardens are awash with color and fragrance, and every turn reveals a new delight. It was the perfect setting for Kenzie and Christian’s engagement session this April. As a photographer, I am always on the lookout for the perfect backdrop, and the gardens did […]

Engagement, Uncategorized

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We Made The Cover!

I remember saving my favorite wedding images on The Knot back in 2005. I knew I couldn’t afford the weddings I saw on there, but I could still pull inspiration from them (hello chocolate fountain and candy buffet!). That whole world of wedding planning was captivating but felt so far away. And now? I get […]

Business, Engagement

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Behind the Scenes of a Weird Year: 2020

This year was weird. We all know it, we all lived it, and we all have our own stories. Our behind the scenes post really shows it this year, and I’ve never had more variety to share with you! Less people = less chance of contracting COVID, so by nature we had to pare our […]


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Steph + Phil | Historic Post Office Wedding

It’s hard to separate weddings from the rest of the world sometimes. I do love that weddings are kind of a fairy tale day where you leave everything behind… but for some couples that just isn’t possible (hurricane season anyone?). Amidst this wild and wonderful time, we’re all embracing the change while craving normalcy. Stephanie […]


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Meet Edward | Hampton Roads Newborn Photographer | Historic Post Office

Are you prepared for the cutest little nugget? We love taking time away from the business of wedding season to soak in a new life and the magic of new parenthood. Edward was deliciously adorable and his parents were just filled to the brim with joy. You can tell in the way they light up […]

Edward, newborn session, Fowler Studios


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Lancour Family | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

How fun is the Lancour family! Their big family is full of love and joy. With four boys and one sweet little girl, we had a blast running around outside and capturing them doing what kids do best: playing. If you know anything about little boys, it’s that they are full of life. They don’t […]

Lancour Family, Fowler Studios


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