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Extended Family Photos at Fort Monroe

I grew up in a big family. Four siblings, four first cousins who lived close, and everyone piling into one house every Christmas Eve. It was mass chaos, and has honestly been one of the best things for learning how to work with large family groups. People often come to be a bit frazzled in […]

Extended Family, Family

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Lindsey + Tim | Maternity Session at Fort Monroe

As photographers, we are always honored to be a part of such special moments like Lindsey and Tim’s pregnancy announcement. It was a beautiful day filled with love and happiness, and we were thrilled to capture it all on camera as they share their excitement with the world! Fort Monroe provided the perfect backdrop for […]

Family, Maternity

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DiNapoli Family + Senior Session at Fort Monroe

Earlier this year a mutual friend needed help so we offered up a few sessions as a fundraiser. The clients paid full price and 100% went directly to the family in need.  The DiNapoli’s instantly messaged me to purchase a session! We met at Fort Monroe to not only take photos of their beautiful family, […]

Dinapoli Family, family session, Fowler Studios


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Menser Family | Extended Family Photo Session at Fort Monroe

I’m pretty fond of this sweet family!  We had a fantastic time at Fort Monroe with the gorgeous sunlight shining through those trees that I love so much.  This is, in fact, my favorite spot on the peninsula to photograph! I also love working with extended families.  Seeing grandparents, cousins and everyone interact is so […]

Fort Monroe Family Photo Session

Extended Family, Family, Photo Sessions

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Zach + Amber | Fort Monroe Engagement

Zach is the third Hrinda sibling that I’m getting to photograph a wedding for!!  I can’t even tell you how much I squealed when I got the email to see if I was available.  Wedding days are so intimate and we get to know the family so well… but then it’s over.  So when I get […]


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Joseph + Lydia | Fort Monroe Engagement Session

I don’t know how we get so consistently lucky with the couples we work with, but we always have awesome brides and grooms!!  I could have chatted with Joseph + Lydia all day.  They are sweethearts, and absolutely head over heels for each other.  Their engagement session was at Fort Monroe– the same place they […]

Fort Monroe Engagement Photos


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Nash Family | Fort Monroe Family Photographer

This sweet family was full of smiles and giggles, and their son certainly gave me a run for it!  Mini sessions like this one are perfect for families with young children.  It gives you a chance to get a family photo, but not too much time that your kids lose interest.  They specifically chose this […]

Family, Photo Sessions

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Mason + Brianna | Fort Monroe Engagement Photos

What better place to have your engagement session that the same area where you’re getting married!  When Brianna mentioned doing their session on Fort Monroe, I was all in.  It has perfect lighting and a variety of locations and backgrounds.  There is so much packed into one little area!  And Mason + Brianna are pure […]


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Sam | Yorktown Senior Photography

There are so many things to love about the Donatelli family, and I am so thankful that I get to photograph them year after year!  We’ve done a family session, a wedding, now a senior session, and there’s already a family session on the books for later this year! Sam is awesome. He’s got a […]


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Rachael + Cameron | Fort Monroe Engagement Photos

It’s been pretty quiet around here, and that’s because we’ve only worked 10 hours a week for the past two months!  That is crazy for two workaholics like ourselves, but it’s been the best maternity/paternity leave we could have possibly imagined.  We really needed that time to connect and bond as a family new family of four […]


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