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Smiley Rylie’s Christmas Pictures! {Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer}

There are a lot of things that can lead to a truly wonderful photo session.  This Christmas session for Miss Rylie was definitely one of those.  She was familiar and comfortable with me and my camera (she’s my nieces, and I’ve been snapping her picture since she was two days old… she’s starting to get used to it).  That’s also why it helps to find a photographer you love, and stick with them.  It lets your child get used to that person, and results in better pictures for a lifetime.
She’s also a bit of a natural in front of the camera.  On top of being completely adorable in real life, she enjoys posing for pictures, even at 8 months old.

Did I mention that she’s adorable?

Look at that cute little foot sticking out to hold her balance?

I love feet (in pictures… not in real life!), so of course I tried to get one of my favorite shots, but this little one wouldn’t have that.  She danced a jig instead!

Holy blue eyes!!  And cute baby teeth!

What do you think… does someone look just like her mommy?  She did get the hair and eye color from her dad!  Her mom also apparently posed for pictures the same way when she was little… isn’t that amazing?

Speaking of posing for pictures… this started out as mommy sweetly kissing baby.  But then baby realized that there was a camera and of course she had to look at the camera and smile!

Someone completely passed out when we moved to a different location!

… But woke up perfectly happy!

Remember how she couldn’t resist looking at the camera and smiling for each picture?  This one was no exception!  These will be such precious memories for the whole family to look back on for years to come.

I’ll let this one speak for itself:

Merry Christmas, from Rylie girl!

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  1. How cute. You did a great job!