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‘the joy of love’; 01 & 02

This month I’m taking a class called ‘the joy of love,’ so I’ll be posting my ‘homework’ on here as I go!  These won’t all be professional quality, but more like a learning experience on different levels other than ‘the perfect picture.’  Which would be why it’s called ‘the joy of love!’  The focus will be on my loved ones… mainly my hubby, my cat, and my 2 dogs.

01: What they do.
Today’s subject was my awesome husband!  What does he do?  He’s a worship leader at our church, so he does a lot of music related things!  Here he is practicing away on his keyboard.

One things I was supposed to focus on was getting catchlights in his eyes.  Since he was set up away from the light, I’ll make sure to cover that tomorrow!

02: How they look.
Since my hubby was a little busy today, my cat happily obliged.  I wanted to get an image that captured her personality.  She’s super playful and makes crazy faces all the time.  This was caught in a moment where my husband made a funny noise on his keyboard, so she was half scared, half curious.  And despite her small appearance, she’s actually 3 years old!

Because I missed catchlights in my hubby’s eyes yesterday, I made sure to include them today.  See those little white dots in the cat’s eyes?  Those are catchlights and basically show the source of light that was used (a round Ikea light from our living room).  It shows a little sparkle in her eye.
Today’s focus was on position and to get on the same level as your subject.  Since mine was tiny and laying on the ground, I was on the ground right there with her!
Want to participate in this class?  Check it out here!
  1. Great photos. I love the kitty.