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Giving Back // Carsyn

When we first moved to Virginia 3 years ago I started searching out new photographer friends.  It’s great to have others in the industry to talk shop with, and Sarah Halstead was the first that I really got to know.  We hit it off well & she was going to do some Trash the Dress pictures with my wedding dress for our 5th anniversary.  However, as it turned out, I was pregnant on our 5th anniversary & far too bloated to want my picture taken.  How is it that a teeny tiny little baby can wreak so much havoc on a body?

At any rate, Sarah ended up taking our maternity pictures & I took their family pictures that year.  She just happened to be on the Outer Banks this summer doing a photo session for a friend of mine from high school, so we got her to do some more family pictures on the beach!  How random– I went to high school 9 hours from the Outer Banks!  What are the odds we’d be at the same beach the same week?

But that brings me to Carsyn.  This little guy is diagnosed with holoprosencephaly & cerebral palsy.  As you can see from the pictures, his parents don’t let that slow him down.  They do everything they can to help him live a full life and enjoy the same things as every other kid his age.

So when I saw they were raising money to buy some supplies that insurance wouldn’t cover, I wanted to help!  That is the beautiful thing about owning my own business– I can make decisions like that.  I shared their goal of $800 on my Facebook page & said the next person to book a session would actually be giving $400 toward this cause!

Did you know that?  I now offer a full digital session for only $400!  Yes, that includes the edited images with printing rights!

Needless to say, that session was quickly grabbed up, and within 24 hours, this family reached their goal!  What a wonderful outpouring of love from their community of friends!

I originally planned to write this post to ask others to help them reach their goal.  But since they already reached it, I’ll give you this link instead:  It’s the website that they used to raise money, and there are tons of stories of people who need help.  Take a look around, and if something touches your heart, why not give a few bucks?