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Where to Buy a Photobook?

These albums aren’t all by My Publisher, but they look similar from a distance.  And hey, I needed a picture for the post! 🙂

I often get asked who I use to make my family photo albums.  I love high quality albums, especially for weddings, but sometimes you want something a little less fancy just to put last year’s memories on paper.  For those albums, I suggest MyPublisher! I’ve used them for years.  I made my first MyPublisher album 9 years ago for my husband when we were dating.  When it comes to consumer grade albums, I’ve found that they have incredible print quality as well as book binding quality.

I’ve used other companies over the years but I’ve never been as happy with them.  Plus, MyPublisher often has specials through Groupon!  In the end, you might pay a little bit more, but trust me, having great quality albums for just a few dollars more is worth it!

They also offer lay flat pages (oh so wonderful!) and lots of different size & cover options!  And no, My Publisher didn’t pay me for this post or offer me a free book.  I just really love the company & their product.  In fact, they have a special on Groupon right now & now I’m making a photobook of memories from 2013! (Nope, I don’t get a kickback from that link, either.)