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Business // Our Journey

We get asked a lot about how we started Fowler Studios, how longs it’s been, how we built up to this point & where we’re headed, so we thought we’d share!  It’s been fun delving into those memories, but I (Susan) realized that it can’t possibly be shared all in one post!  So here’s the […]

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Tips & Tricks // How to Photograph Children

Photographing families sounds easy, but the more kids you throw in the pile, the more difficult it can be!  There are a lot of articles out there with suggestions like bringing snacks, toys, etc.  Those are all great ideas that I highly encourage, but today I want to share some fresh suggestions specifically for photographers.  […]

Photography Advice, Tips & Tricks

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Personal // Game Changer

Back when we first started turning this photography hobby into a business, I decided to do family pictures with one of my favorite photographers in my hometown– Blue Frame Photography.  They’re a husband & wife team that I met in college & they ended up buying a house right down the road from us shortly […]

Personal, Photography Advice

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Where to Buy a Photobook?

I often get asked who I use to make my family photo albums.  I love high quality albums, especially for weddings, but sometimes you want something a little less fancy just to put last year’s memories on paper.  For those albums, I suggest MyPublisher! I’ve used them for years.  I made my first MyPublisher album […]

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