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Back when we first started turning this photography hobby into a business, I decided to do family pictures with one of my favorite photographers in my hometown– Blue Frame Photography.  They’re a husband & wife team that I met in college & they ended up buying a house right down the road from us shortly thereafter.  We’ve kept up on Facebook through the years and I trusted them to wrangle my family into the same general area long enough to get a photo.

The last official family picture had been roughly a decade earlier, so no one was really sure how it would turn out.  I, for one, was super impressed that everyone followed my requests for the dress code: blue, white, khaki.  Any combination. Yes, daddy, that means you can wear a blue & white Hawaiian shirt.  Yes, everyone can wear blue jeans if they want.  I mean, seriously– with 15 people I had to keep it simple.

When we got the photos back, of course we were excited & loved them all.  But one image struck me more than all the others:

Photo Credit: Blue Frame Photography

My grandparents.  Laughing.  I have no idea what they’re laughing at, and they had no idea the picture had been taken.  But there it is, full of emotion and love.

This photo was a game changer for me.  I realized photography isn’t just about getting a picture, perfect lighting, and the perfect smile.  It is about emotion, love, real moments.

There are times for all kinds of pictures, but I’m always waiting for that moment during a session where I can give the family a picture to treasure like this one.