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Family // The Everards // Buckroe Beach, Hampton, VA

You know those people who make you feel more sophisticated just because you’ve been around them?  For me, that’s anyone with a British accent.  And since I know very few people with British accents… it’s the Everard family.  It’s not just because of their accents, though.  They are just a very clean, well-put-together family!  Quite the opposite from our rambunctious bunch.  😉This session was 9 months in the making.  They purchased one of our Black Friday deals & saved it up for a beach session this summer!  We couldn’t have picked a better day weather wise– the temperatures had dipped just enough to give us a break from the overbearing summer heat.

Can we talk about this gorgeous family for a moment?  I mean, seriously– do you know any other family that can truly pull off white pants for everyone?  They looked great and coordinated without being matchy-matchy.  They’re all super sweet people and crazy talented!A few years ago I booked a family session with Blue Frame Photography.  My favorite from the entire session was a black & white image of my grandparents laughing.  It was totally unplanned & full of raw emotion.  Although I admit, I set them up for this shot, I hope the same feeling comes across.  One picture of your parents (or grandparents) laughing together can bring back every memory of childhood, and that is an amazing thing!And yes, perhaps they were laughing about all the silly things I’ll do or say to get them to laugh…  😉

When clients purchase our digital package, I usually sneak a few outtakes in there.  While they may not end up in the frame above the mantle, they are awesome memories from the session, and a chance to show people what your real family looks like.

  1. Keren says:

    Every photo is perfect! What a photogenic family!