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Weddings // Melissa & Jim Say I Do!

This bride’s story has touched my heart… and just about everyone’s!  Melissa has a wedding planned for May, but her mom has cancer, and after learning that her mom may not make it to her May wedding, she decided to have a wedding now.  And planned it all in a week!

She took some details from her May wedding and what wasn’t ready, they found other ways.  Her dress and the bridesmaids dresses weren’t finished being tailored yet, so they found alternates.  She wore her mom’s wedding veil, and she even made the cake herself!  The baby’s breath flowers everywhere were such a romantic touch! I had mixed emotions all week in preparation for the wedding.

On one hand, I was very excited and honored that she chose us to capture such a special occasion.  On the other hand, I knew how important these pictures and the film would be… and that’s a lot of pressure!  As a photographer I know that the pictures I take of someone will be treasured, but when they know that these will be some of the last pictures of that person, it just brings everything to a whole new level.  But once we got there we felt completely at ease.  We were prepared, and everyone there was so wonderful!

The sweetest part about the day was how everyone treated each other.  So much respect and love flowed through the house.  The groom, Jim, called his mother-in-law ‘mom,’ which is such a cool relationship– that’s not something you see every day!  It is clear how much Melissa’s mom means to everyone, and the mix of happy and sad emotions were treasured. Melissa & Jim will still have their wedding in May, as everything is already planned, and both days will surely be treasured forever!

Now… to the pictures… and film!  This film is a bit different than the other ones you’ve probably seen.  This is our Highlight Package, which includes one videographer for 4 hours and yields a 3-4 minute highlight film.

Jim & Melissa from Fowler Studios on Vimeo. This may seem like just another picture but trust me… it’s not.  It takes a lot for Melissa’s mom to smile these days, as her body is very weak.  But on this day, she smiled!  She was the proud mother of the bride, and her eyes… oh my goodness… they just say it all.  She doesn’t speak much these days, but after being around her for a few hours it was easy to tell what she was saying by the actions in her eyes.  Here?  She couldn’t be prouder of her daughter & son-in-law. These two lovebirds… oh my goodness!  I didn’t even hardly have to do anything because they couldn’t stop staring at each other!  I love it! I love asking for a cheesy picture every now and then.  I get strange looks, but the result is sweet pictures like this, so it’s worth it!  Melissa just has the best smile!

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