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28 Awesome Years – From Josh // Personal

Well hello friends! This is not Susan typing this post. This IS in fact her husband, Josh. I’ve highjacked the blog for today, so you’ll have to excuse any grammar fails that on any other ordinary day Susan would have caught. But here’s the thing – this isn’t an ordinary day, it’s Susan’s birthday! Susan has spent 28 awesome years on this earth, and every year she just gets more amazing. The past 2 have been spent being a selfless mommy. The past 8 have been spent being an incredible wife, and the past 10 she’s learned to love (and put up with) me, which is no easy task. I’ve literally watched Susan go from high-schooler, to a college student, to a graduate, to a young professional, to a marketing and social media guru, to now an entrepreneur. If you could see what I’ve seen, you’d understand why she’s the bee’s knees. (Maybe even more than you already do.)

Today has been fun birthday for her. She’s been able to chill out, spend time with me and Hazel, get a mani/pedi, and we’ll probably end up going to get some cheap sushi somewhere tonight. We’ll celebrate her, how great she is, and pray that God gives her AT LEAST another 72 more birthdays. When you see her, give her a sideways hug and tell her how awesome she is! (Or simply just wish her happy birthday. After all, she does hate hugs, ha!)

Happy Birthday Babe!


  1. Pollyh says:

    Happy Birthday Susan from the Leatherwoods in Haywood County NC….Beautiful daughter…..she looks exactly like you did at that age!!

  2. Barb Spencer says:

    Josh, this is a beautiful post and it’s nicely written as well. The love between the two of you is so genuine. Hazel is one lucky little girl to be blessed by such loving and thoughtful parents. Happy Birthday, Susan! Keep setting that amazing example for Hazel and raise the bar for yourself and your family. I’m excited to think about the adventurous future you have ahead of you! You are full of awesomeness and it’s a privilege to call you friend. <3