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Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning // Putting on the Dress

When I gush about how I love weddings, many times other photographers will tell me I’m crazy.  And while yes, emotions can run high, timelines get skewed, and equipment can fail at key times, I love weddings!  They are beautiful & happy occasions full of love & hope for the future.  My wedding day was one of my favorite days, but when I look back, all I really have are the pictures & video because I don’t remember much about the day– everything happened so fast!  So to be able to capture those memories for others– that’s the best job ever!

When it comes to weddings, we have our typical timelines & plans, but also spend time with each couple to find out what makes their wedding special.  This weekend’s bride, Elizabeth, had the most beautiful idea– I hope this becomes a new trend!

When it came time to put her dress on, everyone left the room except for her mom & grandmother (& me).  Yes– even the bridesmaids left the room!  We spent a few minutes with her mom putting on her dress & veil while her grandmother looked on.  Then we took a few pictures with the three of them.  It was such an emotional moment, and I love that there were just a few key people there to really soak it in together.

Afterwards, Elizabeth went to the next room while her bridesmaids came in.  Now it was their turn to feel the excitement!  They all held hands as Elizabeth walked in the room.  I think the picture says it all– they laughed, they cried, they hugged.  It was a beautiful moment!

I can’t explain enough how much I loved this choice!  It allowed everyone to have their special moment with Elizabeth, and really allowed them to enjoy that moment rather than some people being right next to her and others hanging back to let them have space.

I’m in the midst of editing their wedding and I can’t wait to share all these gorgeous images with you!  They had a truly magical day!

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