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Personal // Pink & Teal

My entire life I’ve never had a favorite color.  I think I have commitment issues.  When I was little I’d just say pink because it was easy to say that.  But as I got older I fell in love with purple.  But any time I plan a party, I end up going with lots of different colors.  What can I say?  I love color!

When we planned our wedding, I made my bridesmaids choose what color dress they wanted.  Then I used a bunch of spring colors in the bouquets.  And then when it came to choosing a nursery theme, I landed on “all the colors in Tropical Skittles.”  And there are 7 different color pillows on our living room couch right now!

Yes, clearly I love color.

Pink & teal seem to be the colors of the moment, though.  I wouldn’t call them my favorite, but definitely some that I love!  The other day I realized that I had teal & pink nails, Hazel had a teal & pink outfit on, she had teal nails, and of course I have pink in my hair.  We were quite a pair, and quite on accident!

And since I haven’t posted some of us lately… here’s a selfie from the USA-Belgium game yesterday, and another of Hazel & Josh sporting their red, white, and blue!