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Did you know that for every wedding we photograph we create a special wedding website?  It’s a great way for brides & grooms to share the professional images of the day, and also a way for family members & wedding guests to download the high resolution files or order prints from a professional lab.  We first shared it on our blog here.

We provide this service with every wedding we photograph because we know how much everyone cherishes having great pictures of the big day.  It also helps guests to know that they have access to these photos so they don’t have to get the perfect photo on their phone.  They can relax & enjoy the special moments of the day.

But we haven’t shared how we get that information to wedding guests!  We have these cards printed special for each wedding for guests to take home with them.  Sometimes the bride likes to send the link out in an email leading up to the big day to let guests know they can rest easy & put their phones down during the ceremony.  And sometimes they’ll have them printed with the program at the wedding so all the guests see it as they arrive & wait for the ceremony to start.

However it’s shared, it’s a wonderful addition to our weddings!