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Our New Wedding Websites & How One Can Totally Change Your Wedding ..Hampton Roads Virginia Wedding Photographer..

Hey brides, we have something totally awesome for you!  This year we started offering a wedding website for all your gorgeous wedding day photos!
I’ll show you an example, and then let you know exactly how many ways you’ll be able to use it– to save you time and to help everyone enjoy the wedding day a little more.
But first, here’s what you see when you first visit the website:

It has your names & a link to my website below it, as well as your wedding date.  We choose a picture as the main photo, and then organize all the images by time of day.  ‘Highlights’ is what pops up automatically when someone visits your site.  It’s all our favorites from your wedding day.  We then have every single edited image from your wedding day in the rest of the albums, sorted by time of day: ‘Pre-Ceremony,’ ‘Ceremony,’ ‘After Ceremony,’ and ‘Reception.’

Next you’ll see a heart– click the heart and you can save all your favorites to revisit later on.  Then there’s the amazing download button.  You can easily download ALL the pictures at once!  You can choose just a certain album, or all of them.

Yes, you read that right– when you mother-in-law calls asking for a copy of all your wedding pictures, you can just send her this link!  You’ll get a password so that only people who have the password can download them all at once.

Moving on… when you scroll down the page, you’ll get a beautiful collage of all your pictures.

Click on each picture to make it larger, like below.


Once you click on it, you can use the arrow keys to move to the next picture.  You can also identify the pictures by the name at the bottom of the screen.  And if you’ll look up at the top, you have many more options!  Share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or an email address, have a slideshow of even larger images, save a pictures as your favorite, or download that individual picture (no password needed).  You can also click the ‘Like’ button on the right side of the screen to share it to Facebook.

Tons of options packed into a simple, yet beautiful website.  It is truly an online wedding album that couldn’t be easier to share.

Now on to the really good stuff.  This can totally change your wedding.  What?  Yes.

So often these days wedding guests are obsessed with getting a great picture of the bride & groom.  They tend to miss moments, though.  And when the bride is walking down the aisle, instead of seeing all her family & friends, she sees all their phones & iPads taking her picture.

It makes sense… in the past the guests wouldn’t always see the pictures in the end.  Perhaps they could download one off of Facebook, but it’s not the same as having your own.  That’s where this website comes in.  Let your guests know about it ahead of time.  That they’ll have full access to download the high resolution images to keep.  They can print them, save them… whatever they like!  And maybe, just maybe they’ll put down their phones for long enough to enjoy your wedding with you.

Click here to explore the wedding website from a recent wedding.

What do you like best about the new wedding websites?

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