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Personal // First Day of Preschool

Well, folks, it’s happened– her first day of preschool!  Sort of.  It’s a Mom’s Morning Out program at a local church.  They sing and play, but I don’t think she’s learning arithmetic quite yet.  😉I typically have much lower expectations than the average person.  Josh used to get mad at me about it, but it helps me to have better days.  I strive for the best, but I expect that things won’t work out perfectly.  Then I don’t get upset– I just roll with the punches.

So when it came to the first day of school, I think most parents imagine a great breakfast, new clothes, everything laid out the night before, and a beautiful goodbye kiss with a memorable photo.

Me?  I figured we’d probably throw some items in a bag last minute.  Hopefully the bag wouldn’t have an old apple or smell like a dirty diaper.

What actually happened?  I rolled out of bed & brushed my teeth with my fingers and toothpaste because I couldn’t find my toothbrush.  Made some coffee (because what else would you do after brushing your teeth?) and drove straight to the DMV to get her birth certificate (you know… so she could actually attend school).  I forgot my phone at home & got back to the house 15 minutes after her preschool started.  Josh had made her a great breakfast of eggs & bacon, but she was still in her pajamas.  He got her ready while I looked for shoes.  The only shoes I could find were her new white sandals– no way was I going to let her wear those out on this crazy rainy day!  Then I remembered she had rain boots.  BOOM.  Our kid wore rain boots to school.  I even put socks on her.  Matching socks.  We are not sock people in this house, so rain boots without socks may or may not have happened in the past in our house.  I hate to brag, but I even brushed her hair this morning!

Yes, that was sarcasm.

Even though it was a crazy morning, I imagine that most parents can tell similar first day of school stories!  So tell me– what’s your craziest first day story?