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Weddings // House Mountain Inn, Lexington, Virginia // Sarah + Danny

I first met Sarah in a bible study on marriage.  She wasn’t married, or even engaged, but she knew Danny was the one and figured that she might as well get a head start on planning the marriage!  She was right… they are perfect for each other!  And Sarah is definitely a planner– she not only planned for a great marriage, but also a fantastic wedding!  The attention to details was just phenomenal.  Everything reflected their personalities.  Even though they live by the beach, they chose to get married at House Mountain Inn in Lexington, Virginia because it reflected their personalities so much better.  Hunting & fishing are Danny’s favorite things!So after a year of planning, a 3.5 hour drive, and every perfect detail in place… it started pouring the rain a few hours before the ceremony.Do you see that?  It’s not your imagination– those are giant puddles over on the right side.  It was pouring for probably an hour or two!Here’s Sarah during the rainstorm.  She was trying so hard to be calm, and managed to keep it together!  We were all a little worried, but thankfully right before the ceremony the rain stopped… just long enough for the ceremony and some pictures afterwards.This was the neatest gift!  It was different bottles of wine for major life events ahead.  Their wedding night, first married fight, first anniversary, etc.  I love it!!Many thanks to Chelsea Ruger for second shooting this wedding with us!

  1. Polly J. Leatherwood says:

    Love the pictures! Polly Leatherwood (Waynesville) She was so pretty…..and you do such a good job,Susan…