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Weddings // Jeff + Leah Gwaltney // Windsor Castle Park, Smithfield

Every time I get an email from a bride with details about her wedding, my heart starts fluttering, and from Leah’s very first email I started feeling that way!  Leah & Jeff are such a great couple & put a lot of thought into making their wedding day very meaningful.  And every single one of their guests, including themselves, were from out of town!  Now those are some incredible friends & family!  So why did they choose Smithfield as their destination location?  Easy– Jeff’s last name is Gwaltney!  As in Gwaltney ham & bacon!   Yes, I italicized bacon.  It really is delicious.  🙂  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then drive to your nearest grocery store and check out the bacon & ham.  I love how Leah incorporated so much heritage of Smithfield into her wedding day.  The guys had their formal pictures at the pig mural in downtown Smithfield, then with the Gwaltney painted water tower.  After the ceremony at the historic St. Luke’s Church, they had ham biscuits waiting for their guests to snack on before dinner, and at the reception the caterer even used Gwaltney hams to decorate!

I know I’m getting a little long winded, but just a little more.  We’re changing up how we post weddings on the blog!  There are so many fantastic details from each wedding that we don’t want them to get lost in the mix of a giant wedding post, so we’re going to break it up into two or three.  This one is more focused on people & the events of the day.  The next one will focus on all the adorable details!A week before their wedding the string quartet fell through… so they upgraded in a huge way with a 15 piece band!  These guys  & gal were phenomenal!And while some people toss a bouquet and garter, these groomsmen thought it would be much better to throw cornhole bags at the blindfolded groom!  Poor guy was such a great sport!No mercy.And when the groom is a professional performer & singer, it’s only appropriate that he serenade his bride with the help of a 15 piece band.  Now that is a beautiful ending to a romantic day!

Bride’s Dressing Venue: The Lighthouse at Smithfield Station // Ceremony: St. Luke’s Church // Reception: Windsor Castle Park // 15 Piece Band: Joe Enroughty and his Royal Virginians // Catering: Country Boy’s BBQ // Second Photographer: Sarah Street

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  2. Vonnie Baker says:

    Beautiful wedding pictures of Jeff’s and Leah’s wedding.