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Family // The Brooks’ Vintage Mini Session

When we first moved to Virginia, some of my first clients were Lindsey’s two fireball sons!  Four years later, I finally snagged them for some family pictures… their first official family photo session!I’ve always been fascinated by moms of all boys.  There is a certain strength you have to have… to jump in to baseball games and play it cool when they fight it out… to be totally outnumbered by those who enjoy farts.  I’m just saying, it takes a special woman!

  1. Mimi and BIG says:

    Susan, these photos are AMAZING. You have captured the beauty and spirit of each person perfectly…..time and time again. WOW! Double WOW! How can we make a decision? Thanks for sharing your gift with Lindsey, her family and us. Lena and Jim Brooker aka Mim and BIG, grandparents of James and David