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How to Have the Best Photo Session // Tips & Tricks

You wouldn’t have a photo session if you didn’t plan on having great pictures, but how do you make sure to get the best pictures?  I’ll keep this short and sweet!

1) Decide what you want as your end result.  What style of pictures are you looking for?  What will you be doing with them?  Wall art for your home, Christmas presents, etc?

2) Find the right photographer.  It’s key to find someone you trust.  The portfolio needs to match what you’re looking for! Let him/her know any desires you have so you can be on the same page.

3) Prepare yourself and your family.  You want to feel and look your best during a photo session, so a little preparation goes a long way.  Make sure to choose clothes that are comfortable and flattering.  Know how you’ll do your hair and make-up ahead of time so you’re not flustered the day of the session.  I talked about this in detail here.

4) Spend some time looking in the mirror.  What?  I know you’re thinking I’m crazy, but smile in the mirror, practice flattering poses, etc.  You’ll recognize which smile you like best and how to pose so that you feel the most confident.  It really makes a difference during your session when you have muscle memory working in your favor.  If you aren’t self conscious and love yourself in every pose, then I salute you– and skip this step!

5) Relax and trust the professional!  Now you’ve put in all the work, relax and enjoy your session.