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Yoga in the City

I was super excited when Sausha contacted me about photos for her thesis project! I love things like yoga, gymnastics, and figure skating… it’s so beautiful to see what people can do with their bodies. It’s like making art with your own body! Sausha mentioned she found some incredible resources on that inspired her project.

Okay, yes, I’m weird.  But you have to admit– all the things that Bronwyn (our model) did were simply amazing.  You can check out more of her work on Facebook at Bronwyn Nia Yoga.

But as always, there were bumps in the road.  The original date we had scheduled this session for, there was a high wind advisory.  Like, hold on to your toddlers or they might blow away!  Okay, not really, but there were very strong winds, which doesn’t work too well with delicate yoga poses.  So we rescheduled… on what has to be the coldest day of the year so far!  It. was. freezing.  And Bronwyn was out there like a champ as if nothing was wrong!  So as you’re looking at the lovely images with the warm, glowing sun, just remember that it was actually 32 degrees and a little windy.  Let me tell you, attitude changes everything during a photo session!

  1. JJ says:

    Awsome photos. The model looks so comfortable! I never would have guessed it was cold. The model makes it look so easy. The photographer has captured her yoga artistry with hints of ballet poses. Great background. Hats off to the photographer and her subject.

  2. scusan13 says:

    Thanks JJ! It was a fun and amazing session!