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How to Get the Best Pictures of Your Family Memories

It’s always difficult to figure out when to take pictures and when to put the camera down and enjoy the moments.  We’ve settled on taking fewer, better pictures.  That’s why we’re teaching a Photography Basics Class!  We know a lot of people just want to have great pictures of their everyday moments, and we want to help.  All the pictures in this post were quick, candid moments, and most were in difficult lighting conditions.  During the class, we’ll go over common lighting situations and how to get the best photos with the camera you have, in addition to other topics requested by attendees!

These first pictures are my favorite example for lighting.  This piano is in a really dark area of our living room… but right in front of the door!  So by something as simple as opening the front door, I get perfect, natural lighting for great photos & memories.But these pictures below were quite tough– although they were in front of a window, all the walls were red and the floor and ceiling are wooden– all incredibly difficult for lighting, so I needed flash to balance out the light and color.And sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time… but there are tips and tricks for that, too!Christmas_2014-17Did you know you could give pre-schoolers directions while taking photos?  If you’re quick and precise, it usually works!Do you notice how these pictures have a different feel to them than the rest?  The coloring was difficult in this dark hallway, and all the cousins were playing right against the wall.  I prefer having more physical depth in photos, but sometimes the memories are happening and you just have to catch them as they come.  Memories & emotions trump photo quality in my book!And sometimes you get a gem of a picture.  To most people this picture is weird, but to me, it perfectly encompasses how weird and awesome my family is!  Tons of people piled on a couch making crazy faces– and it makes me smile so big!And I make sure to pass off the camera sometimes, too!  If you’re interested in our Photography Basics Class, sign up here!  We’d love to have you.  🙂