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Our 2014 Wall of Awesomeness & Inspiration for the Tough Days // Business

In our office we have a huge chalk wall.  In January 2014 I wrote out each month of the year & the dates that we were booked.  It was great to glance at it and see what we had coming up.  I also set aside a special section and named it “2014 Awesomeness” and wrote every photography session/wedding/event/job that I did throughout the year.  It was really cool to glance at and see all that we’d accomplished– especially on the rough days!

And boy, there are rough days.  Weeks where you don’t get inquiries, or someone has to cancel, or you just feel like a failure at everything… on those days, I forced myself to look at this wall and remember that it’s not a sprint… it’s a marathon.  And we’re doing just fine!

It’s fun to have a project each year that we enjoy doing.  I like to keep it very simple because I over-commit WAY too often.  I’m not sure what we’ll do for 2015– any suggestions?