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Finding Our Style & Ideal Client // Business

Sometimes Most of the time I sound like a broken record when talking about my clients.  They’re so fun!  This family is hilarious!  This couple is so sweet and their love just radiates! Let’s face it, I say those things a lot, just using different words. But the thing is, it’s the truth!  Over the past four and a half years of business, we’ve really formed a style that is unique to us.  It’s a little piece of this, a little piece of that, and it all melds into something that naturally flows.  And our clients are mostly similar because they are drawn to the same things.

Over & over we hear that people come to us because they love the bright colors and the way we capture emotion.  And honestly, I didn’t even realize it until I heard it enough times from other people!  Our photo & video collections are a bit eclectic and it’s so humorous to me because that’s exactly how our personalities are!

When I first started thinking about opening a photography business, two big pieces of my business plan were to identify my ideal client and determine my photography style.  These were incredibly important, as they determined everything else about my business!  Who would I market to?  What types of photography would I focus on?  Those answers have changed and developed over the years just like my mentors said they would, and it is so cool to see!

I always wanted to do weddings, but I couldn’t really figure out why other than that they were pretty and I like to photography pretty things.  But… all of my clients are pretty, so what sets weddings apart?  A big white dress?  That wasn’t it.

But looking back over 2014, now I really know why.  I have to use three different photography styles to pull off the weddings that I do (photojournalist, traditional, and artistic).  Weddings can be done with just one, or two, or even more, but I love switching between my three styles I love at weddings!  How do I determine what style to use where?  I listen to the couple!  They probably don’t realize it, but they typically tell me their favorite photos that I’ve done, or show me something they love on Pinterest, or even just gushing about the details of their day… they’re telling me what they love most.  How else would I get all these photos at the same event?  Sometimes we capture the moment, and sometimes we create the moment.

And also?  I adore how each of my brides are different, but most have similar personalities.   That is the common denominator with Fowler Studios couples and families– they have vibrant personalities!  It’s not the age, family size, type of job they have, or what their personal style is, which is what surprised me the most!  It’s that they are fun & vibrant and love having pictures that reflect the same.

Thank you to all of our past and future couples!  We are so thankful for you– you trust us with precious memories, and we are grateful for that!