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Laura + Michael // Grandview Beach Engagement Session, Hampton, VA

Our engagement session of the year has proved to be quite beautiful!  It was f.r.e.e.z.i.n.g. but Laura + Michael were great sports and kept each other warm.  We went to a part of Grandview Beach that I’d never been to, but will definitely visit again.  It had so much to offer and was so beautiful, even on the coldest day of the year.

  1. Ashley says:

    What a pretty beach! I have never been there but I will have to check it out! Her ring is gorgeous! So unique and different! And the B&W one of them up close….Needs to be blown up on their wall! Gorgeous job!

    • scusan13 says:

      Ashley- I hadn’t been there either! I have a friend that lives in that area and they had taken us to a private beach, but I had no clue there was a public beach, too. It’s definitely a hidden gem! It’s maybe a 1/4 mile walk to get to the beach, but the walk is very pretty, too.

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