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Let it Snow! // Mini Session

Snow is so unpredictable, and maybe that’s why we all love snow pictures so much!  You can’t plan them in advance, and it’s much more difficult to control the outcome of each picture, so they’re pretty rare.  But yesterday?  Oh everything just lined up perfectly!  I posted on Facebook that we could do fun snow pictures if anyone wanted a quick session– and Faith posted at the exact same time wishing she could keep a photographer on call for snow sessions!  It was a perfect set-up!

At dusk we set up this session.  It was quick– super quick.  We would have gone a few minutes longer, but our equipment literally froze and stopped working.  It’s the limits of photography equipment— they just can’t handle freezing weather for long periods of time.  But it was still so worth it!  And this was an item Faith was able to cross off her bucket list, which makes me SO happy!!!

If you’d like some snow pictures, we’re doing them anytime it’s snowing this week!  The catch is, you have to come to us in Hampton.  They’re super quick sessions for a low price– and they’re fun!  Email us using the contact tab above if you’re interested.  🙂

We’ve been asked a lot about our settings and set-up for these shots.  We’re happy to share!  Unfortunately it’s something that’s almost impossible to replicate if you don’t already have the right equipment.  I love providing hacks on how to do something on a low budget, but I just can’t figure this one out because the light needs to be so bright to really make an impact and I don’t think flashlights would be bright enough.  :/  If you’re reading this and can think of suggestions, let me know!  Below I’ve listed all the equipment and nitty gritty info on getting the shot.

Equipment used:
Nikon D800 camera
Nikon 85mm prime lens
Three speedlight flashes (Nikon sb910, Nikon sb910, Nissan Di866)
Three lightstands (one for each flash)
Three Yongnuo 622-N transceivers (one attached to each flash)
One Yongnuo 622N-TX transmitter on my camera
Plastic bags taped around all my flashes and my camera to protect them from the snow falling.

I put one light behind the couple at waist level.  They were probably standing about 10 feet in front of it.  You want some distance here so the light has room to spread out.  When taking the picture, I made sure the stand was hidden by their bodies.

The other two lights were to my left and right, about 5 feet from me on either side.  I wish I had brought them a bit closer to me.  It’s a tough balance between dynamic lighting and harsh shadows, and in the snow I just didn’t have time to troubleshoot.  I had to make a decision and go with it!  One was about 6.5 feet in the air, pointing down towards their faces.  The other was about chest height, pointing straight at them.

Camera settings:
ISO 80
1/250 sec

All of these pictures were taken at dusk, but with ISO 80, it made it seem much darker.

I have to give some credit out here– Luke & Ashley are local photographers in our area who teach lighting classes.  We took one in January and my main goal was to come out of it not hating flash.  I know that sounds silly.  I shoot weddings all the time and use flash, off camera flash, etc.  I’ve gotten some pretty cool shots, and am pretty comfortable with my set up.  But the problem persisted that I hated flash.  And you know what? Seven weeks after their class, I love using flash now.  I like playing around with it, and I went out and spent an extra $2000 in lighting equipment for weddings this year.  So if you’re a photographer who wants to get more comfortable or learn in this area, then definitely check out their next class- it’s a Reception & Lighting Workshop and it’s a steal of a deal.  I know it will fill up quickly, so I wouldn’t put off signing up if you’re interested!

  1. Ashley says:

    Awe! Thanks for the shout out! You did an awesome job setting this up and the final pictures are beautiful! Great Job!!!!