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Ashley + Zach |Williamsburg Lodge Wedding Film

Hey friends!  Josh is going to be taking over some blogging here and there, so we thought today would be a great day to kick it off!

Ashley + Zach are just a fantastic, funny, and hilariously sarcastic couple.  They’re real and hold nothing back when they talk to each other.  Having not met them going into their day, I have to say I was just a tad nervous about interacting with them. From the second we arrived at Dr. and Mrs. Speegles home in Williamsburg, we were treated like family. We laughed, we joked, we ate together, we had fun, and immediately we were one of them. No literally… I carried their bags into the hotel for them! 🙂  Ashley and her amazing bridal party were stunning, and Zach is the guy who is manly enough to lead the pack, but chivalrous enough to get the girl. Together, they’re one beautiful couple who are as hilarious as they are good looking.

Their wedding was held at the Williamsburg Lodge in Colonial Williamsburg.  It was our first time shooting at this venue and I could go on and on about the amazing details, the awesome decor, and the killer location, but that isn’t what makes this story. It’s the amazing friends, family, and fun that were had that day. So… grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and enjoy the newest addition to our wedding film collection.


Zach + Ashley – Wedding Film from Fowler Studios on Vimeo.