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Commercial Photography | Cookie Text, Yorktown, VA

One of the most popular commercial products we offer is a library of photos.  It’s a great way to get photos of your products, as well as for social media, website headlines, and head shots.  My goal going into this shoot was to give Jeanne (the owner of Cookie Text) a library of photos to choose from for her website as well as for future social media posts.  They all needed to go well together so she could use them interchangeably, and make her cookies look as appetizing as they do in real life!

Each company is different, so use the contact link above to give us some information about your company and what you need and we’ll get you a custom quote!  Here’s a small sampling of their final images.  Check out their website to view more!

We started by photographing each product from above for a clear view for the customer.  Here, we were comparing the 6 different ways they can purchase this cookie:
We also got some beauty shots at different angles:Some detail shots of their lovely treats, and we added some milk in there because… yum!
On the left we compared the different sizes they offer, and the right shows one of their party packs:
One thing that is often overlooked is pictures to share promotions on.  If you look on their website home page, you’ll see a sliding bar with different promotions.  We intentionally made images of many products with lots of blank space to use for marketing like this.  It’s also useful for Facebook cover photos and mailing fliers!

And some headshots!  Jeanne wasn’t excited about this part but she totally rocked it!  Just for fun, we added in the mixer to a picture.  Sure, it may not end up on her website, but you have to have a little fun!

If you’d like to chat about commercial photography or videography for your company, get in touch using the contact tab!  We’d love to work with you.