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Jenny + Scott | Charlottesville Engagement Photographer

Despite living here for 5 years now, we first visited Charlottesville last month.  What a cool place!  We ate our hearts out in the downtown mall and walked a few blocks to a bakery. Definitely a trip we’ll have to make more often!  We’d photographed and filmed an event there, but it was indoors, so when it came time to plan Scott + Jenny’s engagement session, I looked to local photographers for advice.  I found this article on Borrowed & Blue and then reached out to Sarah Jane Winter for more information about the Saunders-Monticello Trail.  Reaching out to a photographer you don’t know is always a hit and miss.  Sometimes you get a wonderfully helpful email back, and other times you don’t hear a peep.  I mean, I’m asking for free advice, so no one owes me anything for sure!  But I soon got a really sweet and helpful email back from Sarah Jane Winter.  Thank you so much!!

I talked with Jenny + Scott and shared the information I had about the Saunders-Monticello Trail and it perfectly matched the park feel that they were hoping for.  We were met with a perfect sunset filtering through the trees, and really kind people walking their dogs.  Jenny + Scott were mind readers when it came to posing– they just fell perfectly into their own poses often before I could even finish giving directions!  Mind reading tactics are so handy.  😉  And I can’t even tell you how many times Scott scooped Jenny up and threw her over his shoulders or tickled her!  We’ll be covering photo + video at their Trump Winery wedding next June and I can’t wait!