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A Leap Year Surprise Session!!

There is this beautiful tree behind the Chapel of the Centurions at Fort Monroe, so when Allison said she wanted to photo session with her boyfriend, I knew I wanted to do that location!  What I didn’t know until we got there was that Allison was surprising her man with this session.  As I walked up, there was a very nervous looking John.  Allison had told him there was a surprise, he needed to dress nice, and then had him drive to this chapel.  Also, it was February 28th- the day before leap day.  You know, Sadie Hawkins Day– where the girls ask the guys out.  John was more than a little nervous that Allison had planned out a surprise engagement and wedding!  Then she just smiled and said, “It’s a photo session!”

…….. I was dying laughing.  John let out a huge sigh of relief.  It’s obvious that he’s head over heels for Allison, but a surprise engagement and wedding would have been quite a bit to take in!

These two are so easy going and fun to hang around.  They really, genuinely care for each other in such a sweet way!  I love to ask couples how they met, and these two knew each other even back in 9th grade!  After all these years, they ended up together– I just love a good love story!