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Win a $50 Tieks Gift Card!

Raffle Closed: Thank you to everyone who participated (we raised $306!!) and congratulations to Amber Lane for winning the gift card!


Last year as we were leaving our coaching session with Katelyn James, a package arrived at her house and I swear she let out a little shriek of excitement.  We were a bit puzzled and then she told us they were her Tieks.  I’d heard photographers everywhere gush about them, but wasn’t too familiar with them.  Katelyn filled me in– they’re super comfy, very durable, and oh-so-cute.  They can be casual or dressy, and you can wear them for a whole wedding day and your feet will thank you for it.

[[[All pictures in this post are from Tieks website.]]]

In the last year I’ve learned a lot more about them.  They’re flexible, but durable.  It actually takes 3 days to create each pair!  There are over 150 steps in the creation process and every pair is hand stitched.  They also started the Gavrieli Foundation, where they empower female entrepreneurs in developing countries.  You can see the women they’ve helped here!In the spirit of who they are as a company, Tieks has given us a $50 gift card to help in our fundraising efforts to cover adoption costs for Zane!  And mad thanks to Christina Barnum who contacted them to ask for this gracious gift!  Tieks start at $175, so a $50 gift card really makes a dent, and your feet will thank you for the comfy footwear.  🙂

For every $1 you donate, you’ll be entered to win that sweet $50 gift card!  Donate $10?  Get 10 entries!

To enter, go to

Click “Send money to friends or family” and enter our email address:

Enter the amount you’d like and make sure to write Tieks in the notes section!  Then click continue to complete the transaction.

If you don’t have Paypal, send us an email at and we’ll get you entered another way!

The winner will be announced February 29th!