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Easter Eggs | Personal

Yesterday morning I was in the shower and Hazel opened the shower door to have a chat.  This happens pretty much every time I take a shower lately.  She’s definitely in that I’ll ask mom a million questions because I can’t breathe without her stage.  I locked the bathroom door while drying my hair and she basically lost her mind.  I digress.  Her very important question was, “Do we have Easter eggs?”

Honestly, I thought she was talking about the plastic eggs she needed for her school party.  She was talking about eggs to dye.  And then it hit me as to why eggs were 99 cents at the grocery store this week.  I’d been going to the store twice a day to get 2 dozen each time because there’s a limit.  We go through several dozen a week, so I’d been having a party with these sales!
Thankfully, her Gigi had gotten her some egg dye last week when we visited them in NC, and since we already had the eggs, we were set!

The shirt she’s wearing is one of my very favorites.  I did colorguard from 8th grade through my freshman year of college and loved it.  I’ve gotten rid of many old shirts, and I did the whole KonMari thing, but I just can’t let this one go.  The back of the shirt is covered in stick figure drawings of my friends and all the best memories from senior year winterguard.Also, little miss thang was all about some pictures tonight!I’m surprised to say we did get all the dye off in the shower!  And?  We didn’t get through all the eggs and we have one more pack of dye, so we’ll do this whole thing again tomorrow.  Why not?