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Visiting the Mountain | Personal

Hazel has been begging us to visit family, which isn’t super easy since we’re 8 hours away, but we found some time last week to make it happen!  I love that even though she’s growing up so far away from family, she really understands and values it.  She loves her friends, but family is sacred to her, even if she doesn’t see them as much.
She has 10 cousins on my side of the family, so when we visit, she has a blast playing with whoever happens to stop by.  Going to Nene & Paw’s means playing outside from sunrise to sunset.
These three below are all within 8 weeks of each other.  Growing up, I never thought my siblings and I looked much alike, but seeing our kids, you can really see the similarities!  It’s also funny how they all go through the same weird phases at the same time.But the highlight of the trip is always riding Paw’s mule, Tom.I think it’s the highlight for Paw, too.  He loves his animals and his grandbabies!Okay, so that’s a bit much…  He tried to get me to kiss Tom’s nose, too, but if I’m not going to give anything more than a side hug, I’m certainly not going to kiss a mule’s nose.The mountains and family are good for us.  They give us a break, and I have to admit, it’s nice to miss calls and emails because the cell signal is almost non-existant on the mountain.  I wish I had more pictures, but I only bring my camera out once each trip– it’s nice that way!