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Sarah + West | On Sunny Slope Farm Wedding, Harrisonburg, VA

Fun, amazing, and down for anything– that’s how I’d describe Sarah + West.  They are truly best friends and so incredibly comfortable and confident in who they are.  They’re full of joy and hilarious faces, too!  I usually include some funny outtakes with each wedding, but for this one there are tons.  Sarah made a funny face at the camera every chance she got.  Also?  She didn’t bat an eye when her nose started bleeding multiple times throughout the day.  West whipped out some tissues and they went on about their day.

It was very important to the two of them that they had as much time with their guests as possible, so they scheduled all their couple and bridal party photos before the ceremony, and only had a small handful of family photos to do after the ceremony.  It was awesome to see the celebration be more seamless rather than so much time spent on pictures.  I know, I know, I’m the photographer!  I should be all about pictures!  And I am, but… I don’t like spending so much of the guests time taking photos, so it was nice to finish them quickly and see the guests surprised and excited to get the party started!  Then after dinner and some dancing, we took a few minutes to sneak back outside and take some sunset photos.  It was a perfectly scheduled wedding day!


On Sunny Slope Farm knocked it out of the park, as usual.  Their venue is truly a gem, and the staff is so accommodating and thorough.  I love how there are helpful items to photographers throughout their venue.  A sturdy hook to hang the wedding dress on, a nice table and some wooden props for detail pictures, a ceremony set up perfectly between two trees to frame the photo.  And don’t even get me started about the amazing white tent!  Lighting reception photos has never been so easy as it is at Sunny Slope Farm.

Then there were the flowers.  Dried flowers from The Flower Patch were the absolute perfect touch!  They were stunning, and also gave Sarah some peace of mind since she could order them well before the wedding day and store them at her house.  It was one less thing to worry about on the day of the wedding. And let’s face it– they fit the wedding day perfectly!