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Billy + Morgan | Oyster Farm at Kings Creek Wedding Videography | Deluxe Highlight Film

Teal water, blue skies, pristine shore line, and a sunset to die for. Rural beaches, amazing sea food, and one HECK of a good party! Welcome to the story of Billy + Morgan.

We have to admit, Billy + Morgan’s Deluxe Highlight Film has a different feel than most of our films, but we love it and know that you will too! It’s MTV meets The Notebook, and we couldn’t imagine telling the story any other way.  Their wedding day was fun, full of energy, and one big family who knows how to have a good time!

One of the things we love about this film in particular is how Billy + Morgan give us a glimpse into their amazing love story. When you watch them interact, you can just feel their love coming through the screen. Get ready to be wowed and to shed a tear with this awesome story. Congrats Billy + Morgan!!!