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Gotcha Day for Zane! | Adoption

We’re happy to announce that our whole little family is finally on the same continent!  Today was affectionately referred to as Gotcha Day.  The day we were united with our son forever– and we never have to let him go!  It was also the first time our kids met.  Both were incredible, and it was just the best day.  Even a 2 hour trip to a blazing hot clinic full of sick kids couldn’t bring us down (although it almost did…).

Here’s the thing– while we love professional photos, we don’t have a single one of our son yet.  We met him for 5 days in August/September 2016, and we’ve had him for a full day now, but all we have is cell phone photos!  Most of them are blurry.  And I wouldn’t change a thing.  In August he was so upset that bringing out a camera would have been the worst idea.  Today he was wonderful and happy… and we were too busy enjoying him to even think about a photo op!

On the left was a picture before we left the orphanage.  They’d known each other less than an hour.  <3  My heart bursts when I look at this picture!  On the right is the ride back to the hotel.  It was a 2 hour drive and we didn’t expect that Zane would be okay with sitting in a car seat.  Guess what??  He’s surprised us!  Also, Hazel is in a booster seat called the mifold.  It is a bit difficult to use, but is great for situations like this where we need something light for travel, and we’ll be sitting right next to her.  We literally couldn’t have fit a regular booster in there! Instead of boosting her up to fit the seat belt, it brings the seat belt down to fit her. I wrote this on our Facebook page:

You spent 71 days as a tiny baby in three different hospitals, having 4 different surgeries. They were difficult surgeries, and numerous times they thought they would lose you. 
Then you lived 1246 days in orphanage. You laughed, you cried, you took your first steps. You had a nurse you held so closely she was basically your mom. 
And now at just 3.5 years old you have to leave everything behind to start a new life. A new language, new alphabet, new way of doing things. You didn’t ask for any of this, but here you are. We promise to love you forever. To get you the surgery you so desperately need– at the best hospital the world can offer. Each doctor that sees you is angry that this world has failed you. But we’re here. We’re in your corner. We love you. Our son.