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When You Have a Burden | Adoption

Meet Chris… she’s the reason we found our son.  She saw his face and knew right away he needed to be adopted.  First, she tried to add him to her family.  She was already in process to adopt from the same country, so it made sense, but she hit permanent roadblocks.  Then she contacted everyone she knew that had ever shown interest in adoption.  She shared his picture on Facebook, and nothing.

Finally, on January 4th, a few months after she first saw his picture, she posted it on Facebook again begging and hoping that his momma would see it.  And she did!  I did.  I saw my sons picture for the first time that day and never looked back. Thirteen months from that day, we brought him home to the US.

It’s crazy what impact a passionate person can have.  And Zane knew it, too.  He’s kind, but shy around new people… but not with her.  Not with her kids.  Somewhere deep inside he knew they were special.  He loved on them, gave them hugs totally unprompted (which I haven’t even gotten yet!), and had the best time!Sometimes you might feel like you’re failing, but just keep going.  She didn’t know how this would end when she first saw him a year and a half ago.  She felt despair, and didn’t know how it would end.  But she played her part… she shared his info and searched for his mommy.  And now he’s home! It’s amazing.  A miracle for sure.