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Rachael + Cameron | Fort Monroe Engagement Photos

It’s been pretty quiet around here, and that’s because we’ve only worked 10 hours a week for the past two months!  That is crazy for two workaholics like ourselves, but it’s been the best maternity/paternity leave we could have possibly imagined.  We really needed that time to connect and bond as a family new family of four and we are so thankful that everything landed during our natural slow season!

It also feels so great to get behind the camera with some couples and golden light!  I adore getting to know new couples, spending time with them, and preparing for their wedding!  We will also start our 2017 wedding season off with a double header weekend (which is one of my favorite things).  Rachael + Cameron are our April Fools couple (but no fools, I promise they’re getting married!).  And they’re getting married at The Historic Post Office in downtown Hampton.  You know we have a soft spot for that gorgeous building with their amazing staff.  I can’t wait for their big day!