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Kathleen + Zac | Colonial Williamsburg Engagement Session

An engagement session for the photographer and couple is somewhat like a first date.  We may or may know each other from other areas of life, but things are just so different when there’s a camera and pictures involved!  And that’s exactly why I love doing engagement sessions. I get to know the couple on a different level, with their wedding day in mind.  I get to see the subtle ways they interact and talk to each other.  I get to know their strengths and also their insecurities.  It’s a wild first date!

For Kathleen and Zac, we got to explore some areas of Colonial Williamsburg I hadn’t even been to before (hello gorgeous wooded trail in the middle of winter!), and we also go to play with their sweet pups.  They were super familiar with the location, which was nice because we got to take photos in several spots that really meant a lot to them.  It made my day!  I can’t wait for their wedding this fall!