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Pinnacle Church Lifestyle Headshots

12 years ago Josh and I helped start Pinnacle Church, so it was really cool to meet the current staff with a mix of old and new faces!  We’ve kept up over the years, and through different states, and when we were back in town for a few days, they reached out about new headshots for […]

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Christy Haygood | Lifestyle Headshots

Ok, I’m totally cheating here.  Christy and I went to high school together and despite both living away from our hometown, we magically end up visiting at the same times nearly every year!  It’s uncanny, and proves how in sync we are.  She’s the mastermind behind this incredible blog about intentional living and I love how […]

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Alyssa | Musician Headshots in Downtown Hampton

A few years ago I met Alyssa when she was hired as the worship leader at our church.  Since then our lives have intertwined in a million different ways.  She sang at Zane’s adoption fundraiser, we’re in the same community group, and we get to sing together a lot- both on stage and at gatherings […]

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