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What REALLY Goes on During a Wedding Day

By far the most embarrassing post of the year… we’re taking you behind the scenes today!  It’s honestly my favorite post too, because I get to share our passion with you!  We have a lot of fun, but there’s some intense moments, too!  I’ll jump right in and narrate as we go. This is exactly […]

Inside Business

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How We Took Two Months Off Work | Personal + Business

We recently adopted our 3 year old son, Zane, from Eastern Europe.  We’ve had him home for two months now.  He has esophageal atresia, which means his esophagus doesn’t connect to his stomach (he’ll have surgery to correct that) and is on a feeding tube.  Our daughter, Hazel, is 5 years old. ——– We did it.  We […]

Adoption, Business, Inside Business

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Behind the Scenes with Fowler Studios in 2016

It’s that time of year again– the time to look back and reflect on all the ridiculous things we did over the course of the year and show our behind the scenes photos!  But first, we’ve never actually introduced our team, so let’s start with that!  We don’t have any pictures of everyone together because […]

Business, Inside Business

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