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Tips & Tricks // How to take a Better Picture with your Camera Phone

A few nights ago we were out celebrating a friends birthday & I wanted a picture.  The restaurant was super dark so we tried a few different shots:

Both looked terrible!  One is so dark you can barely tell who is in the picture.  The other is so bright we both look like we’d had a rough night.  We hadn’t.  We actually looked quite cute!

The first one was without a flash, the second was with the flash.  We were using an iPhone 5, so it’s pretty good technology for a phone, but the room was just not great to work with.  And then we got this:How?  Josh took his iPhone and turned the flashlight on, then held it off to the side (about a 45 degree angle from our faces).  Then he took the picture with my phone without a flash.  A little filter action in Instagram brought out a few of the shadows and tamed down some shiny spots.

Is it the best picture you’ve ever seen?  Heck no.  But it is a thousand times better than the first two tries, and it captured the moment I wanted to remember!