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Business // Dear Wedding Guest…

Dear Wedding Guest with a Camera,

Thank you.

I know… not what you were expecting, right? But for real, thank you. I’ve seen an overwhelming trend lately and it’s wonderful.  You are nice.  You are courteous.  And some of you seem downright scared.

I can see why.  You’ve read blog after blog from photographers berating wedding guests for stepping in their way during an important shot.  They’ve even included pictures of the offending guests!  You’ve been called a fauxtog and every name in the book, but really all you want is a good picture for your scrapbook.  Maybe a gift you have in mind for the bride & groom.  You know you’re not a professional, but you really love photography and a wedding is full of great photo ops!

The past several weddings I’ve done I’ve had at least one guest apologize for taking a photo, move out of my way quickly, or assure me that they are trying to not be in my way at all costs.  Just by talking to me, it opens up that communication to help us get along better.

Thank you!  I really appreciate that you realize I have a job to do that day.  A wedding day is an important day in my field & I’ve got a thousand things on my mind.  I absolutely love when you make my job easier!

So to all the wedding guests out there being careful, watching for the photographer, and respecting the job, THANK YOU!!  You have no idea how much we appreciate it!  Your little extra kindness makes our day a thousand times easier.


Wedding Photographers & Videographers Everywhere

PS: You see this clear shot down the aisle?  It’s no fun when someones in the middle of it.  THANK YOU for making simple shots like this… simple!