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Business // New Packaging!!

Being the kind of person that loves office supplies, it’s no wonder we’ve gone through many seasons of packaging over the last several years.  There have been CD’s, cute little boxes with pink tissue paper & fancy ribbon, stickers, recycled cardboard… and many more!  But at the beginning of this year we sat down with some goals in mind and getting serious with our packaging for weddings was one of those!Chubrick-online_0117

Of course, when you have a male & female trying to agree on something like packaging, it can be a bit tough.  Here’s where we landed though, and I think it turned out pretty cute!  Wooden boxes & USB drives, engraved with our logo on them.  On the back of the flash drive is our website as well.It may seem silly, but I love the little nesting in the box!Right now we have a limited number of these, so this packaging will be reserved for our wedding clients.  We have some things in the works for our family sessions though that we’re super excited about!

  1. LOVE! Ty and I are looking at a darker wood USB drive because of the issue with CD’s not being HD for video! Ty’s worry is that because of the shape of the wood, clients won’t be able to have their USB drive plugged into their computer as well as something else. Or that it won’t fit into the side of their TV. Since you guys have already purchased them, do you have any feedback about them?

  2. scusan13 says:

    Ashley- ours aren’t as wide as the darker ones (if it’s the ones I’m thinking about), but you still probably can’t plug two in at once. It’s a small annoyance, but unless you have a skinny USB, then that’s often the case. The cuteness factor won over in this one because we figure most of our clients won’t be plugging it in every day. Although… we’d love for them to add this to their keychain for everyday use!

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