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Wedding Photo Packaging for 2015! // Business

Last year we stepped up our game with really cool packaging for our wedding clients.  We loved it, but over the year we realized that we wanted to add a little more spice to it.  Everything about us and our business is quite vibrant and colorful… but our packaging was all brown. And we were spending a fair amount of money on a wooden box that didn’t hold any value except as a keepsake for the wedding flash drive.

So after much debate and looking at all sorts of cool packaging ideas online, we decided that each wedding package would be a little different. For videography only clients, we will continue with our regular packaging until we come up with a cool idea.  Suggestions are welcome!

For photography (and photo/video combo) clients, we bought these cool boxes that will be filled with fun items! Our goal was to be cost-efficient while also being environmentally conscious. We chose small boxes that would we could send directly through the mail or through a reliable shipping solution if needed.  Our wooden boxes in the past have also had to be placed inside a larger box to ship them. It wasn’t a problem for our local clients who picked up their packages. But we have quite a few clients each year that live out of state, so it saves a little extra money!

And my favorite part– prints! For our first three years in business, we sold mostly prints and very few digital packages. With weddings, we’ve started selling many more digital packages, but we really believe in high quality prints… and we love to share that with our clients! There’s something about seeing amazing pictures on professional quality paper. We also opted to add a texture to the images for a little nicer look (you can see a close up on the far bottom right photo in this post).

We’re keeping the same USB drives we’ve had in the past. They’re a great quality and we really love them.

Everything else will change from client to client!  In these pictures you can see some filler that we purchased, but the more we look at it, we really like the look of shredded newspaper underneath. It’s a great way to recycle and we can even do it ourselves! I love the cute ‘hello’ stamp that we found, and we have a Fowler Studios stamp that is coming in the mail soon so I can’t wait to use that!

In these pictures, we chose a glittery gold background for the main image because that was a huge part of their wedding. And there were some awesome pops of red in the flowers and the bride’s lipstick, so we chose red as the accent color for the twine.

The thank you cards– those I just fell in love with. It was just the bright pop we needed to round out these cute boxes!

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